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Junior Comps starting from 4pm Week nights...

Senior Comps starting from 6pm Week nights...

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Rebound Netball: Monday nights - Ladies.

Ladies Netball: Wednesday nights - 7 per side, full court.

Fast 5 Netball: Thursday nights - Mixed, 5 per side.

Junior Indoor Netball: Summer Comps, Thursday afternoons - 5 a side.

Indoor Cricket: Tuesday & Thursday nights 

Rebound Volleyball: Tuesday nights - Mixed 2's, 3's & 4's.

Senior Soccer: Wednesday nights - 5 per side, Open men's & Mixed grades.

Junior & Ninja Soccer: Friday Afternoons.

Allsports: Monday nights - Mixed 6 a side.

Basketball: Monday nights - Rookies. Tuesday Night - Seniors (Mens & Ladies)

(Please contact the centre for further information).